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Welcome To My Digital Site

My name is Temptaous Mckoy, an Assistant Professor of English with a focus in Technical Writing at Bowie State University. At Bowie State University, I teach a multitude of courses such as Developmental Writing, First-Year Writing, Research Writing, and Technical and Report Writing.

Also, I serve as the Coordinator of Graduate Studies for the Department of Language, Literature, and Cultural Studies.

I've developed this site to showcase my research, digital presence, presentations, and much more. It is my hope that visitors will have a better understanding of my research and what I represent as a

TPC, Rhetoric, and Cultural Rhetorics Scholar...and Trap Star

In the navigation bar above, you’ll find links to the following sections. All of the pages include in-depth information about my experiences and qualifications that I urge you to examine, such as:

CVHere, you will find a digital edition of my curriculum vitae.

Research (Under Construction): Here, you will find a description of my current research interests, research statement, and plans for future research. In addition, essays submitted for my various awards.

Teaching: Here, you will find my teaching philosophy, materials from past courses, and student feedback/ evaluations from my past and current courses.

Conference Presentations: Here, you will find past conference presentations from various regional and national conferences, such as ATTW & CCCCs.

Writing and Consultation Services: Here, you will find information on how to obtain my writing services. From personal tutoring​ to organizational development and training, I am here to assist you.

#IssaTrapDissertation#ForTheCulture: Here you will find a thorough explanation for my award-winning dissertation project. I've also included a link to my DropBox where you can watch the digital chapter, in addition, access the written portions of my dissertation. This includes the explanation for my theory Amplification Rhetorics and an extensive chapter on AR as showcased at HBCUs.


Merchandise: The page will take you to the ecommerce page, allowing you to purchase your own #IssaTrapDissertation shirt. More designs always added.

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