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Writing and Consultation Services

Would you like to obtain writing assistance for yourself or your organization? Now you have the option to book with my directly. From helping with that final paper, to helping your employees develop efficient technical documents, or even learn to communicate better across your organization through written and oral communication, I am here to assist. 

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Sometimes, we all could use a bit more help with knocking out those writing assignments. With my seven plus years of experience teaching various levels of writing to both undergraduate and graduate students, let me help you get that writing on track. Services are not limited to college students. 

Some Specialty Areas Include: 

*Document Proofreading Before Submission

*Brainstorming Your Assignment

*Literature Review Creation

*Annotated Bibliography Development

*Reading for Key Concepts

*Final Essay Outline Development

*Seminar Paper Guidance

*Technical and Business Writing Development

*Science Writing 

Organizational Development

No matter if you are an organization of 1 or 100, allow me to help your organization in sharpening those technical and professional communication skills. From leading workshops, to serving as an external reviewer, I am here to identify ways to assist your organization's growth.


Some Specialty Areas Include: 

*External Reviewer of Documents, Policies, and Program Curriculum

*Technical and Professional Writing Training

*Oral Presentation Workshop

*Communicating Complex Information To Various Audiences

*Usability Research

*Company Document Development

Business Conference
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